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Images of Woodburytype prints

Since I posted the pictures of the AU hydraulic Woodburytype press on
the website a few days ago, some of you have contacted me off-list and
asked about how a Woodburytype print looks like.

Since the process created prints that were more or less
indistinguishable from well-made photographic prints, I doubt that you
will see any difference when looking at them on the Internet, but since
some of you asked - here are a few links you can follow:


Someone also asked about the dimension of the hydraulic press. According
to the notes I made at the time the height of the press is approx. 140
cm (55.12 inch) from the floor to the top of the nuts, and 192 cm (75.59
inch) from the floor to the top of the screws. The height of the hump is
approximately 8 cm (3.15 inch). The horisontal opening between the
screws is 52 cm (20.47 inch). The vertical opening between the lower
casting and the upper casting is 64.5 cm (25.39 inch). The diameter of
the screws is 11 cm (4.33 inch).

Mats Broberg

Temporary website: http://www.geocities.com/woodburytype/index1.html

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