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Re: Who Would've Thunk?

At 04:16 AM 2/16/2000 -0700, ann peterson wrote:
>Was perusing the profferings of Pottery Barn today when lo!, on one
>of the cunningly arranged coffee tables, I thought I saw a bookpress.
>Closer inspection proved it to be, indeed, a reproduction of an
>antique bookpress.  According to a nearby salesperson, the press fits
>in with PB's "romantic" line of coffee table objects.  He also said
>the press was more decorative than useful, although I tried it out
>with a few catalogues and it seemed serviceable enough.  In any
>event, this "romantic" object is selling for US$49.00 plus tax.

And just where is the Pottery Barn located?

>Anyone want to propose a line of "romantic" handmade books to go with it?

How about my "A Letter To An Imaginary Friend" (URL in my signature,
below)? It's already a "book" (er, sort-of) ;) and that's what it was
originally meant to be published as, actually (and hence the ISBN number I
got for it). In fact, I'd still like to do that, and do it in a small
limited edition, nicely designed and formatted and hand bound, but I've
just never gotten around to it, never found the time (nor the hundreds in
dollars in materials it'll probably take to do that). :/

But in that regard, actually, would anyone have any suggestions for a nice
-- and cheap!<g> -- way to bind that? I'm not too experienced at
bookbinding, either, I must confess (I've only had a one-weekend workshop
with Gavin Rookledge from the UK a couple of years ago and that's the only
time I've ever made my own book, although it did turn out reasonably okay
for a first effort), so I can't imagine doing anything fancy. But if I had
my druthers, I was thinking that it'd be nice if it was leather-bound and
not cloth, with nice marbled endpapers and stuff, and it'd certainly be
nice to do the title lettering in gold leaf (like the title graphic up at
the site).

Whadday'all think? Would that be getting in over my head, as a novice at
this stuff?

Thanks again!

Ron :)

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