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Re: Who Would've Thunk?...disappointment

I have received the Pottery Barn press, the topic of an e-mail last week =
after checking their web site and speaking with someone somewhere at PB's =
800 number.  (Hot tip:  there are no Pottery Barns in Idaho.)  The 800 =
number advised me to contact their store in San Francisco and that store =
had presses in stock.  (I regret to say I've tossed the yellow stickies =
with SF names and numbers.)  The PB gent in SF mentioned in our phone =
conversation that if their store was out of stock, he knew that another PB =
store in the area (Cosa Mesa?). =20
PB service was swift--the press arrived a day after I ordered it.  It's =
wooden, seeming sturdy, and has an absolutely impressive little "antique" =
metal plate reading "Book Press/Oxford/1854." =20

Tom Trusky
Idaho Center for the Book

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