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Re: ramie

In a message dated 02/21/2000 5:02:36 AM Pacific Standard Time,
PAGrass@AOL.COM writes:

> Recently I've come across some  ramie thread. I was thinking about using it
>  for an exposed spine chain link sewing

I haven't seen ramie thread, but years ago I used ramie for making a gorgeous
cream colored, textured paper. The pulp was easily made using a blender,
because of its inherent weakness. In the absence of additives, the paper was
more suited to collage, picture frame mats, and other uses where folding or
strength wasn't required.

Magnolia Editions, in Oakland, CA, carried it in (1/2" width) coils, $3 per
coil. It was also sold in the local weaving shop for its more common
purpose--weaving baskets.

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