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Book Press Kit

I wonder if some of you bright, intelligent folks would mind giving me
some feedback on something.

As many of you know, my husband makes book presses. He spends quite a bit
of time finishing the parts of the press that are made of hard maple and
then putting the press together.  Assuming that people would like to save
some money, he is considering marketing the book presses in a kit form,
i.e., unassembled and unfinished. This would require the purchaser to
sand and wax the wood parts and then put the press together. Neither of
these things is difficult, and he would, of course, include assembly
instructions. To give you an idea of cost, our small press currently
sells for $195. plus shipping, and in kit form would be about $120, plus
shipping (and that may be less as the package will be smaller.)

What do you think about this?  Reasonable or not?

Thanks -


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