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Re: Pottery Barn bookpress

In a message dated 2/21/00 12:59:57 PM, Mark.Palkovic@UC.EDU writes:

<< was told that the bookpress was
scheduled to be shipped to stores starting March 13. The
item number is 27 73869. It is $49. I have not seen one, not
even a picture of it.
    Apparently the West Coast stores got their shipment

Well, we went and snatched up the last one at the Buffalo,NY area PB today,
so not sure about that shipping date. It appears to be the perfect thing for
a little journal maker like me, not sure how much use it would be to the pros
on the list. (But, then, how would I know?)  It's sturdy, simple, all wood,
heavy and it works. I'm content. ANd the item number and price are as noted.


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