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Book Press

I assume the discussion relates to what is also called a Standing Press.  I
discussed the practicality of having one, a couple of years ago, with
Eleanore Ramsey who has a handsome, solid maple one about 6 feet high.
These, of course, are prohibitively expensive if they can be found.
She told me of a friend who bought a 12 ton hydraulic machine-shop press
from Harbor Freight, a California importer, for $99, and found it quite
I ordered one - it's primarily a collection of red-painted channel-iron
pieces bolted together, with an inverted hydraulic jack mounted in it held
by stiff springs.
It is primarily used by garage mechanics to press bearings, etc.
Across the movable center channel I installed a book platform of two 2 x 8's
24" long, put the whole thing on casters, and it does a dandy job, though it
will not stay pressed indefinitely.
It comes with a couple of 1" thick cast-iron blocks which take the pressure
of the jack's main shaft.
If you have access to Harbor Freight they pay the shipping for anything over
$50.  They've probably got a web-site.

Charles Schermerhorn
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