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PB book press - Colorado


I drove right over to my local Pottery Barn after reading the first
posting.  This is located at the VEDDY-CHIC Cherry Creek Mall in Denver,
home of valet parking and Lord & Taylor (hence, I don't visit often). I
went in and attempted to explain what the thing should look like, and the
person behind the desk said, "Oh, you mean the book press."  Well, gee.  I
thought that if I asked for a book press, I would have gotten a blank stare.

Never assume.  The helpful sales clerk actually works next to a local fine
paper shop in Cherry Creek. They very kindly spent 5  minutes searching the
hidden storage area, and found me one of the presses, which they said had
been sold during the Christmas season 1999.  Don't know if they have any left.

I don't really know how Pottery Barn works -- if you call the 800#, can
they find out if one of their outlets has one in stock?

Mary McCarthy
ACLIN Support Librarian
Colorado State Library/BCR

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