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Re: Birchbark

I used it as an only material. If thin enough it folds well, but it is
still very brittle and would quickly fail in a hinge/joint. The other thing
I notice is that it just keeps peeling... Used PVA to adhere to cover.
Example can be seen at
<http://www.dhc.net/~lawrence/HOE_Detail_2/page20.html>. Beyond those
problems, it's a nice material.


At 09:27 AM 2/24/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I have been experimenting with a pile of birch bark that I brought home from
>Maine last summer.  I have had some good luck.  With some soaking and
>peeling (to make thinner) it turns and folds fairly well.
>Has anyone else worked with birchbark as a covering material?  How was it
>used?  Are there any special techniques?

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