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I had a similar experience in Northern Virginia.  I picked one up today at
the Reston, VA, Pottery Barn;  they put it on hold, promising to keep it
for 24-hours.  They have more, but I'm not sure how many.  This is a
wonderful find.  Many thanks for List Members circulating the word!


R.D. Cunningham
>Date:    Wed, 23 Feb 2000 21:28:18 -0600
>From:    Rikki Mitman <esmitman@GHG.NET>
>Subject: Pottery Barn bookpresses
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>I picked one up tonight. There are two Pottery Barns in Houston; the person
>who answered the phone at the first one I called was pretty unhelpful. But
>I tried the second one, and they *offered* to search for me. Four days
>later, they called and said come get it.
>So I think if there is a Pottery Barn in your area and you want one of
>these little presses, you just need to connect with an employee who is
>willing to help you. Or be assertive enough to prod a less helpful person
>into doing a search -- as we've seen from my tale and others that have been
>posted here, this is clearly a service they offer.
>Rikki Mitman

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