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Re: Seattle sources

Hi, Erin

You might try Seattle Art, Daniel Smith, Dakota Art, or Artists and Craftsman.

(206) 223-9599 - Daniel Smith (they always have a turn over with staff, so they might have openings).

Dakota Art has three stores in the Seattle area.  Artist and Craftsman is located in the University district.  And Seattle Art is now on the waterfront area near Pike Place Market.

Tabula Rasa Press (206) 682-5185 might have some opportunities for you.  They were wanting to sell their store, don't know if they have or not.  Gizelle does bookbinding, papermaking, and many other things there.  They are also located near the waterfront.

The Book Arts is big in the Pacific Northwest.   I am the workshop coordinator for professional marbler, Galen Berry.   We teach all over the country, but quite frequently in the northwest because of the popularity of Book Arts.

Good Luck,
Lorraine Hanson
Portland, OR

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