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Summer Workshop Opportunities in Massachusetts

Hi!  For the past two summers I have taken workshops at the SALTWINDS
YANKEE BARN WORKSHOPS in Kingston, MA.  And what a learning experience!  I
took one class on multiple editions with Pat Baldwin and last summer's
workshop was on sewn structures with Jody Alexander.  Both instructors
gave expertise information, one-on-one pointers, and were very helpful and
supportive.  Lilias is a friendly host who provides a smile, delicious
lunch and snacks, and a playful environment.  If you have any free time
this summer, consider taking a course.  Both classes were beneficial to my
work and I made a lot of fun contacts.  I imagine that others would do the

Marcia Buch

Contact person:  Lilla Ford- (781-585-5622) or email <dherlihy@tiac.net>

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