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Re: Print Museum, Carson, CA

         O  P  E  N     I  N  V  I  T  A  T  I  O  N

        to join the Otis Letterpress Class field trip

       to the International Printing Museum, Carson, CA

                                    March 21st
                           Tuesday evening at 7pm

The Printing Museum is considered to have one of the largest
collections of antique printing machinery in the United States. Mark
Barbour, curator, will be giving a tour which will cover the history of
printing from the Chinese invention of paper and printing, through the
manuscript period, into the era of Gutenberg with demonstrations of
typecasting, colonial printing, 19th century newspaper shop up to
demonstrations of typesetting and casting machines of the turn of the
The International Printing Museum is a fascinating place and I encourage you
all to join us March 21st at 7 pm in Carson.

When you respond(off list) I will send you the address and directions. There
is a $6.00 admission fee, but the Museum has waived the usual $150 touring
charge(they do alot of school tours).

Linda Dare
Otis Lab Press
Otis College of Art & Design
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