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Re: Question: Good Cardstock for Postcards?

>I am working on printing up a set of letterpress'd and sillkscreened
>postcards, and have been experiencing some difficulty in finding a good
>thick cardstock. I would prefer nonglossy. Any suggestions on a type of
>cardstock and where to find it? (mail order is fine)
>Thank you!
>Mary Tremonte


I did some letterpress business cards over collographs and used 140 lb.
watercolor paper. I forget the manufacturer, but I just choose the one I
liked the texture of at the art store. It is plenty substantial and took
the letterpress well. Most of the printmaking papers I looked at were not
heavy enough.

They came out well. I still have to go down to the print shop and have them
cut on the guillotine though.


Simrat Kaur Khalsa

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