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Re: Newbie

> Most companies and individuals have abandoned the Mac
> and gone on to compatible PC's.  The Mac remains
> incompatible with the newest software solutions, a self inflicted stab in
> their big ego.
> Art

Art, what are you smoking? The Macintosh is more robust, alive, and
thriving than in many years. We're (U of M) buying new Macs by the
boatload. The new ibook is delivery the promise of wireless internet
connection & printing and (I predict) will become a dominant player in
mobile education. As far as software solutions, I run Photoshop,
Illustrator, Freehand, Quark Xpress, Pagemaker, InDesign, and virtually
any other graphics program worth a spit. I also have a bevy of Microsoft
software that handles any business needs. Who needs more?

Latest market share of the Macs have grow in the entertainment, music,
and graphics arena. The are the dominant player in these industries. I
have the study if you're interested.

BTW, brilliant computer makers have big egos, not the computers.

Darryl Baird
Assistant Professor of Art
Photography & Graphic Design
University of Michigan-Flint

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