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Re: Newbie

At 11:04 AM 02/28/2000 , you wrote:
>  The company is looking into a new computer and debating between Mac and PC

>This kind of question can spark a very heated and unreasonable debate
>here. Owners
of PC's and Mac's tend to be quite biased and will be very vocal FOR their
type of
computer. Few people are experienced with both types of computers.

In my opinion, here is what you should be considering.
1) What are the tasks that MUST be accomplished by your computer. A proper
is imperative.
2) What software will best help you execute your tasks. This is the primary
question, not
which computer is best. Many companies, such as Adobe, Quark Express etc., have
software for both computer platforms.
3) Once the full range of software has been chosen, you might find that you


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