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Mac vs. IBM

RE the Mac vs. IBM thing-- I use both quite happily. I dont' find much
difference between them in functionality either. I use Freehand, Pagemaker
and misc. microsoft office programs (tho those are on the IBM.)

A major thing to consider is that if you work regulary with a prepress shop
or print shop, it is very handy to be compatible with them, or with anybody
else you swap files with. You can swap files from Pagemaker, et al across
platforms, as long as your versions are the same. (You can either swap
across versions or across platforms, but usually not both.)

So if you work with others outside your business, talk to them about what
they use, and what would make the file sharing process easiest. THat saves a
lot of time trouble and grief in the long run.

The other thing to consider is what *you* like to work on.
good luck

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