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        The Association for the Promotion of Artistic Bookbinding (Afeda), in
collaboration with the Prado Museum presenting a collection of 77 documents
taken from public and private collections displayed and published for the
first time. All were selected on the basis of their splendid illuminations
and bindings, as well as their historical significance, and their variety.

        This exhibition is intended to serve as an initial approximation to the
subject of the illumination of documents in the great Medieval tradition.
It should be noted that the invention of the printing press was to bring to
an end this tradition of decorating manuscript books. In the mid-16th
century, the miniaturists art was produced chiefly for choral books and
private manuscript documents, rather than for printed books.

        Chronologically, this exhibition extends from the reign of Pedro I  in
the14th century to that of Fernando VII in the 19th century, so enabling us
to discern the main stylistic trends from the end of the Flemish Gothic to
the dawn of Romanticism, as reflected both in the decorative figures and
the binding and ornamentation.

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