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Re: Pottery Barn Press

This is my thought, as well. Up to now, I've been pressing handmade papers
under stacks of books here and there about the house. I think that, for the
limited scale I work on, even a lightweight press will be an improvement
(one could set weights upon the upper press board for additional pressure,
if wanted). I am, however, thinking very seriously about bracing it a bit
as Rodney Fry recommended. (thanks, Rodney.)

Rikki Mitman

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From:   P Simpson [SMTP:psimpson@ctc.org]
Sent:   Tuesday, February 29, 2000 9:19 AM
Subject:        Re: Pottery Barn Press

It's not the strongest press around, but it is good for papers, pressing
leaves and other light work.
--a good supplementary press to have.


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