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A Request for Information

Does anyone out there know anything about the binders/artists Rose Adler, Alain
Devauchelle, Renee Haas, Georges Leroux, Pierre-Lucien Martin, and Lucienne
The slide liberain here at Columbia College just called to ask me about them and
all I know is that their work was in the wonderful Surrealist show the Guggenheim
did last year.  (I recommend the catalog to anyone who did not see the show.  It's
called Surrealism:  Two Private Eyes.)  We need to know the nationalities and
birth/death dates for these folks, and I would appreciate any good annecdotes
y'all might have as well.  (I know they all sound French.  They probably are
French, but I hate to assume things.)


Audrey Niffenegger

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