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Re: Newbie

In a message dated 2/29/00 3:46:59 AM Pacific Standard Time,
Art_Rubino@MSN.COM writes:

> The Apple Mac was easier to use.


In what way? I have heard this many times before, but no one ever states why
or how, or gives specific examples. Isn't the software the determining
factor? And isn't a lot of the more commonly used software programs (Adobe
graphics applications, etc.) designed for both platforms? Am I mistaken in
the belief that Windows was Microsoft's solution/contribution toward making
their product more 'user friendly'?

My brother-in-law, who had a master's degree in computer technology before
the onset of the PC, writes and evaluates programs for Adobe, and is a
columnist for one of the computer magazines, uses the PC platform, while his
wife, a graphic artist, uses a Mac--and has for over a decade. She is in the
process of switching to a PC because (in her words), "Today, the field has
become homogenized so that everyone plays within essentially the same arena."

I come in peace. :-) I ask my questions in sincerity, not as a challenge.

Mary Crest
Los Angeles

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