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FREE -- corrugated, tabletop boxmaking sheets

These are really good for making boxes to SHIP and STORE books. See complete
instructions for book shippers at <<<http://boxstar.com/bookshipper.htm>>>.

I am applying for a patent on these corrugated tabletop boxmaking sheets. I
had to order 5000 sheets for the prototype run to make sure the system worked.

It works -- but we have not been able to work out a distribution system. Seems
like we will ultimately have to have the sheets manufactured in various
locations around the country to overcome the shipping costs.

Until then -- because I need the space -- I am herewith offering them
essentially free to anyone on this list who will pay the packaging and
shipping charges -- which is $15 to anywhere in the continental USA for 10 --
3' x 6' sheets folded into 1/3rds --- with the proviso that you promise to
tell me how they work for you. You can order as many as you want -- no
maximum. We need GOOD and BAD feedback -- not wanting to get any deeper into
this if the end user does not like the system.

If you can use them, this is really a bargain -- because sheets this size
normally sell for about $1.50 to $2.00 each at a packaging and shipping store
and then you have to transport them home.

Check out full details at  <<<http://boxstar.com/mcft.html>>> where you will
find more than you ever wanted to know about making cardboard boxes.

Any advice on how I can find distributors is welcome.

Use the secure order form on the website if you want to order -- or fax or
phone in the order

Martin R. Carbone / 1227 De La Vina St. / Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: 805-965-5574 / Fax 805-965-2414 / email: mrcinc@silcom.com
Websites: http://www.modelshops.com and http://www.papershops.com and

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