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Re: Odd experiences in Bookbinding

>In an effort to entertain myself and start a thread of bizarre but relevant
>tales, I throw out to all of you the question:
>What's the most peculiar thing that you've ever bound?

I reckon it's worth decloaking to reveal that I was once asked to make a
football shaped, fully operational Bible, for a production of an opera
based on Elmer Gantry. I used a nerf football, sliced it in half lengthwise,
hollowed out the inside to fit a small Bible, covered the inside with deep
red paper, and the outside with black pigskin. Working out the hinge,
devising an expandable attachment allowing the book to open, and sewing
the lozenge shaped bits of leather so they fit smoothly around the football
were devilishly (tee hee) difficult puzzles.

The football halves closed snugly around the book, so it could be hurled
about with impunity during the scrimmage scene, and could be opened to
reveal the good book within, nestled in its somewhat lurid and forebodingly
passionate red lining. It burned up in a fire not long after the production.

B Bigelow

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