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Re: perfect binding machine

Peter Verheyen wrote: They use tubes (various diameters slit in half) mounted
in a cradle, jog the book spine into it then put in press to glue in round.
... snip ...

I used a rather crude prototype system whereby I put the adhesive on when the
sheets were fanned SLIGHTLY -- but then jogged the other edge of the sheets to
straighten out the book again. I did this to get the adhesive on the sides of
the pages -- thinking that would make for a better, more secure binding.

I never did enough to make controlled (a) flexibility and (b) page pull-out
tests -- but it seemed like it worked.

Also -- in using a padding press (for perfect binding -- not pads) -- I try to
keep the pressure low and back from the edge -- so the paper will fan
(infinitesimally?) when I brush on the adhesive. I really do not know if this
does any good or not -- but it seems sensible to me and does not seem to
result in pages stuck together in the gutter -- something I worry about.

Also note -- on my automatic small perfect binder -- the pages fan out when
they hit the adhesive roller -- thus putting adhesive on the edges of the
pages as well as the edges. That is where I got the idea for a low padding

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