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Re: TB question

In a message dated 3/1/00 2:36:25 PM Eastern Standard Time,
skazki@GLOBALNET.CO.UK writes:

<<  My parents' house is full of books my father was ordered
 to destroy because they'd been part of the library of a TB sanatorium. I
 know you're supposed to be able to get ringworm (a fungal infection) from
 books and paper. (When I caught it, my cat was cleared by the vet, and they
 decided the culprit was a set of farmer's account books I'd been auditing.)
 Are books known to be the vector for any other illnesses?
I've never heard of books being the source. TB can remain dormant (and
dangerous) in dust. A friend of mine who restored houses for a living had to
take extra precautions for this.       Karen Gorst

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