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Woodburytype pages updated

Dear listmembers,

I have updated my Woodburytype pages recently and added more photos of
the Sydney press, as well as some images of the woodcuts in Léon Vidal's
principal manual from the 1880's. These images show machinery and
accessories used in the old days when making Woodburytype prints. In the
not so distant future I will add more woodcut images from the manual, as
well as post patents, technical information on the process and
biographical data about Mr. Woodbury.

Onto the bad news: Two weeks ago I was a complete novice when it came to
web design (well, I still am!) but I think I have managed to create
something that is at least *bearable* - if looking at it using a PC.
After today's page update I looked on the pages using a Mac and believe
me, I was - and still is - traumatized! It looks completely different
and not even remotely as something that came out of my hands... Arghh!

So, all of you Mac users, please bear with me while I'm learning more
about creating sites that look the same on Macs and PCs...

Mats Broberg


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