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Re: Odd experiences in Bookbinding

My oddest and probably most challenging was binding a collection of
memorabalia of an Air Force pilot.  It included such things as 8 x 10 glossy
photos of all the aircraft he ever flew, all of his travel orders, mess cards,
special ID cards, change of duty station memos, commendation letters, official
correspondence he initiated, etc. He left the arrangement of the book up to
me.  I chose to bind everything in chronological order, except for the
aircraft pictures which I placed in a section at the beginning of the book.  I
ended up breaking it up into two (2) volumes. It was bound in blue cloth with
gold stamping.

One of the most interesting items was a set of travel orders for flying
Secretary of State Dulles to Russia in 1946.

Jim Trent

> In an effort to entertain myself and start a thread of bizarre but relevant
> tales, I throw out to all of you the question:
> What's the most peculiar thing that you've ever bound?
> Regards,
> Audrey Niffenegger

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