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Re: Newbie / pagemaker becoming obsolete

>> However, knowing about PageMaker, I would
>> recommend against anyone buying it for the first time since it won't be
>> supported much longer. But it still does what it does very well if you
>> already own it.
>I have ALL my files in Pagemaker -- if it becomes obsolete, and I now assume
>it will, and I want to send my files to a printer for making into a catalog,
>will I probably have dificulty doing that in the future? Will the lack of
>support impact me in other unknown (to me) ways?
>Thanks for whatever advice you have.
>Martin R. Carbone

This is all unnecessary. If you check with Adobe, you will find that they
have publicly and explicitly said that they have no intention of
discontinuing Pagemaker. They have instead repackaged and repositioned it
as a 'business orientated' application, rather than a professional's DTP
package. It is of course already a professional package, but it has been
given lots of extras like business templates and clipart etc. Adobe has a
good market, and there's no reason to suppose they'll be keen to drop it
any time soon.

But even if they do at some future point, there's little problem in using
Pagemaker files. Not only will bureaux probably keep the software for
some time, but it's easy to avoid that need. One can simply print to file,
targetting the linotronic model, or whatever, that the bureau uses, and
send the resulting printer file to the bureau for printing. This is what
I already do, and my bureau tells me most others prefer this process - it
prevents any incompatibilities due to missing fonts etc, and prevents the
bureau from altering anything. As long as you are careful to print
exactly what you want, this is reliable. Alternatively, save as a PDF file,
which is fast becoming the standard professional file format and bureau
workflow method - and this does allow last minute adjustments. Adobe's
InDesign of course reads Pagemaker files, and PDF files.

Does anyone really think that Adobe would kick all its professional
Pagemaker users in the face just because it has introduced a new
programme? It bought Framemaker some years ago, which has similar
professional features, and that didn't make it drop Pagemaker or


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