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Re: Books and disease.

>        I know from a course in occupational disease a number of years ago (I won't
>say how many) that there is a disease called "Bookbinders Disease". It is
>really a grouping of lung infections, primarily caused by the various fungi
>that may inhabit books. Some of these diseases are really quite nasty. Hard
>to treat, debilatating and even deadly.

>Kurt Klappenbach

This thread reminds me of The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco. There's a
great film of it, and the original book is even better. It's a mediaeval
whodunnit, and a philosophy and history lesson, set in a monastery. The
wonderful library of rare books is a double edged sword, since heretical
ideas can end up being spread by the books. But one book is deadlier
still - in order to prevent anyone's mind being contaminated by its
contents, it is made to contaminate their body. I won't say more in case
someone wants to read it - a fair amount of 'book interest' in it.


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