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Re: Stitching / Sewing Cradle

I teach my students to make a very simple cradle. You need binders board or
even mat board will work for a cradle that doesn't get much use. The board
should be 12 in. x 12 in. Cut a score down the middle of the square with a
knife--go about half way through the thickness of the board. Fold the board
square on the score to form a V shape. Cut two more pieces of board 8 in. x 8
in.  Glue these 8 in. square to the ends of the V shaped board, one 8 in.
board at each end of the V. One point of the V touches one corner of the 8
in. square at the top and the other point of the V toucher the other corner
at the top of the 8 in. square. This holds the V shape permanently and lets
the cradle stand on the table. You can reinforce the joint of 8 in. board and
V shaped board by cutting two more squares of board 4 in. x 4 in. Then cut
these squares in half to form triangles. Glue the triangle to the 8 in.
squares under the sides of the V, The hypotenuse of the triangle supports the
side of the V.  In my classroom after about one semester of use the two sides
of the V split at the fold--because of all the holes. The cradle is easily
repaired by gluing a piece of light weight tag board over the fold of the V
on the OUTSIDE of the V. We've used these cradles in the classroom for five
years. I sell a kit through my business but tell everyone you don't need the
kit--its very easy to make.

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