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Re: Perfect binding machine

>Date sent:             Tue, 29 Feb 2000 13:52:39 -0500
>From:                  Peter Verheyen <verheyen@philobiblon.com>
>Subject:               Re: Perfect binding machine

> There are several. There's the TemPeR made by Pete Jermann, which
> sells for $449.00 from Gaylord, and the Planax. The TemPeR is a very
> nicely made wooden device but I found it a bit awkward on a production
> basis (only used it once).

 As the designer and manufacturer of the TeMPeR Fan-gluing press
I would like to politely disagree with Peter on its limits as a device
for production work.  The Fan-gluing press actually evolved over the
many years  from a device that was indeed awkward to one that I
found to be very efficient  for high volume (for a in-house library
bindery) production work.  I used it to bind tens of thousands of
books over the years.   As with any piece of equipment, its ability to
produce is dependent on both the confidence of the operator and
the proper maintenance of the machine.  If the operator operates
the press with confidence and if the clamp screws are properly
lubricated, the process of clamping and releasing the textblock
takes only seconds.  With experience getting the book into press,
glued and removed from the press should require no more time to
do than if one were using the more expensive Planax machine.
Several people who have used both the Planax and the TeMPeR
Fan-gluing machine have indicated a preference for the simplicity of
the TeMPeR press.

As Peter indicated,The TeMPeR press,  will not allow you to glue
up a textblock with the spine already rounded.  However, textblocks
can be glued up flat and rounded later.  This is the standard
practice in the library binding industry.

The Fan-gluing press is available from either Gaylord or directly
from TeMPeR Productions.

Pete Jermann
TeMPeR Productions
117 South 14th St.
Olean, NY 14760
Tel. 716-373-9450
Email: temper@csi.com

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