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Re: Newbie / pagemaker becoming obsolete

Thanks --

I think I get the flow of your message and will not worry about this.

In most cases -- If I really get stuck, I guess I can just print out as-is and
have everything photocopied for high volume work.

I hate the thought of buying a new program. Most have so much stuff I will
never use and it makes me feel guilty for not taking advantage of all I have
paid for.

For instance -- I think I have Photoshop on this computer --- took one look at
it and never opened it again. I just take all the scans as they come and don't
worry about fine tuning.

Richard Miller wrote:
> Marty:
> Interestingly, I overlooked the problem of being able to access the data in
> future. As far as sending PageMaker files to a printer, for the short term
> (3 years?) you should be able to. For the mid-term, probably. It's my
> understanding that Adobe's new "InDesign", the PageMaker replacement, will
> be able to open your documents. Failing that, there is an extension to
> XPress which will attempt to convert PM files. It does a reasonable, though
> less than perfect job but it could be easier than recreating the document
> from scratch. You will lose rules, borders, folio numbers, etc.
> Ironically, I have electronic archives of many early issues of the CBBAG
> Newsletter which I put together using PageMaker, though I now use
> QuarkXPress. Fortunately, I still have the program disks, so if I have to,
> I can reload the program, open the documents and either export the data
> (text) or copy and paste it into a new document.
> After all, it is the data which is important to you, not the layout or
> formatting. (The patron saint of graphic designers will be frowning at this
> point, while that for editors will smile. ;-)  And here comes the real
> beauty of electronic files: they are fluid. You can siphon the data from
> one document and pour it into another. Recycle it. (One current term is
> Data Mining.) If the text is important, save in a neutral format (plain
> text) rather than a proprietary one. On the other hand, PageMaker files are
> encoded in the PostScript language, which promises to be around for a
> while. As long as you have a capable text editing program you should be
> able to extract the text from the document (if you can't export it from
> within).
> If I were a PageMaker user I wouldn't panic just yet but I would start
> making plans. XPress is considered by most to be the premiere page layout
> program but InDesign is touted to be the "Quark Killer". At this point it
> is not. However Adobe has the resources to continue to make improvements
> and could well corner the graphics software niche.
> I apologize for running on (again) and boring other listees, but there may
> be a few other PageMaker users among us. Also, I think the concept of fluid
> text is new to some and can be liberating.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> >I have ALL my files in Pagemaker -- if it becomes obsolete, and I now assume
> >it will, and I want to send my files to a printer for making into a catalog,
> >will I probably have dificulty doing that in the future? Will the lack of
> >support impact me in other unknown (to me) ways?
> >
> >Thanks for whatever advice you have.
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