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Re: Peculiar Binding Opportunities

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> "What's the most peculiar thing you've ever bound?"<

I'm still working on that!  If you're in the neighborhood and you'd like to try:

The First International Edible Books Tea

The Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts

Cordially Invites
To Participate.

April 1st, 2000 - from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m
In the Bindery
at the
Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts
1104 South Wabash, Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60605

For this Tea, all Works of Art will be Edible and Booklike
(and hopefully Tasteful in every sense of the word.)

If you Make a Book, you may attend free;
if you prefer to simply drop in and Eat Books, you may do so for a mere $10, which will benefit the Bindery.

In either case, you must RSVP by 5 p.m., March 29th
to reserve your space.

 Call your hostess,  Melissa Jay Craig,
at 312-344-6635 to leave a voice message,
or fax your message to 312-344-8082,
or email it to: mcraig@popmail.colum.edu.

>From 4:30 - 5:30 we will sip tea, admire and document the books;
at 5:30, we will feast upon them.
Please do join us !

This is an International Event generated by Umbrella Editions and its Colophon Page.
Photographs of our Edible Books and two copies of the Menu will be sent to the Central Archive in
Santa Monica, and descriptions and links to all worldwide participants will be available at

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org:Columbia College;Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts
adr:;;1104 South Wabash, 2nd Floor;Chicago;IL;60605;USA
title:Exhibitions Coordinator, Faculty
fn:Melissa Jay Craig


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