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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 29 Feb 2000 to 1 Mar 2000 (#2000-59)

The General Binding Corporation Model T320 thermal binder has a heated
platen which tips back and forth as the glue on the spine is being melted.
Meanwhile, the text block is held vertically and the pages slide up and
down. This produces double-fan gluing with hot-melt glue, though the sheets
at the front and back of the book get more of the effect than the ones at
the middle of the book. I produce better results by using a wooden frame
which supports the text block vertically on an electrically heated,
thermostatically controlled, teflon-coated griddle. The frame is tipped
back and forth as the glue melts, so all sheets are double-fan glued by the
same amount. As with cold glue, double-fan gluing with hot-melt glue
increases page pull strength considerably.

At 12:07 AM 3/2/00 -0500, you wrote:
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>From:    marty <mrcinc@SILCOM.COM>
>Subject: Re: perfect binding machine
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>Peter Verheyen wrote: They use tubes (various diameters slit in half) mounted
>in a cradle, jog the book spine into it then put in press to glue in round.
>... snip ...
>I used a rather crude prototype system whereby I put the adhesive on when the
>sheets were fanned SLIGHTLY -- but then jogged the other edge of the sheets to
>straighten out the book again. I did this to get the adhesive on the sides of
>the pages -- thinking that would make for a better, more secure binding.
>I never did enough to make controlled (a) flexibility and (b) page pull-out
>tests -- but it seemed like it worked.
>Also -- in using a padding press (for perfect binding -- not pads) -- I try to
>keep the pressure low and back from the edge -- so the paper will fan
>(infinitesimally?) when I brush on the adhesive. I really do not know if this
>does any good or not -- but it seems sensible to me and does not seem to
>result in pages stuck together in the gutter -- something I worry about.
>Also note -- on my automatic small perfect binder -- the pages fan out when
>they hit the adhesive roller -- thus putting adhesive on the edges of the
>pages as well as the edges. That is where I got the idea for a low padding
>Martin R. Carbone / 1227 De La Vina St. / Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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