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what is "sugar paper" ?

I am a bookbinding novice and inexperienced in the ways of the
bookbinding world. I have an instructional book by Rob Shepherd
"Hand-Made Books, an intro. to bb." It is published in England, where
he has a bookbinding business.  He calls for the use of  "sugar
paper", or similar "thickish" paper for filling-in the insides of
covers (so there is not a bump where the endpapers overlap the cover
edge wrap.  I like this preparation method, it looks nicer to me to
take this care with details.  Alas, I haven't a clue what this sugar
paper might be and if  I can get it domestically. Or, what would be a
suitable & comparable substitute?
Also, is there a source for small amounts of mull and headbands?
Is "YES" glue o.k. to use for covers and endpapers?

Many thanks to all, I am learning a lot from this book arts list
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