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Colossal art theft in The Netherlands

Colossal Art Theft in The Netherlands (see pictures at:
http://www.artrevisited.com/News/ArtTheft/arttheft.html )

In the night of February 24th, 35 paintings were stolen from the exhibition room
at the house of the well known Dutch painter Henk Helmantel. They formed a part
of his private collection (his own paintings not for sale) gathered over a
period of more than 25 years. Apart from their financial value (more than
600.000 EUROs) they represent an emotional loss for the painter which cannot be
measured in pecunia.

Any tip leading to the safe return of these paintings will be rewarded

Sometime during the night of the 24/25th 35 small and middle-sized paintings
were transported to a hiding place either in The Netherlands or in a
neighbouring country. Germany is just half an hour from the village of
Westeremden, situated in the Northeast of The Netherlands.

An illustrated list of the paintings with their measurements is published on
this site: http://www.artrevisited.com/News/ArtTheft/arttheft.html

Any information you wish to share with us can be sent to: securma@xs4all.nl


The Museum Security Network is made possible
by generous sponsorship grants by Mosler Inc
and the Netherlands Museums Association

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