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Re: WOID #III-25. Review in the NYT.

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, arizona wrote:
> do you need to be very experienced in bookbinding to attend this 4-day
> workshop? My love of the Medieval book is what got me started in hand
> bookbinding, but since i have only been at it for about a year, i am still
> quite an amateur.

No, no, no! You don't have to be experienced in anything at all, least of
all bookbinding. It's *not* a course in Medieval book-*binding*, it's a
course on the stuff that goes inside the book: how to cut quills, how to
make ink (yes, that evil ink that supposedly fades or makes holes or
something after three hundred years; use it to write to your conservation
friends for Halloween); how to mix colors out of eggs and rotten size and
earwax; how to prepare and write on vellum; how to insert margins and
lines and images; etc., etc. Along with a lot of gossip about paleography,
codicology, and such. And on top of that you wanna bind a book as
well?...In four days?

Paul Werner, New York City
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History and Technique," and "Dragonsblood and Ashes: the Beta
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listings and resources.

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