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Re: what is "sugar paper" ?

> wow, i'm making my first post to this list that is very interesting,
> informative, and usually over my head!  but i do know what sugar paper is,
> in case you're still curious.  i spent 5 months in london last year
> drooling over all of the goodies in paperchase but i was very short on
> money and the cheapest, most colorful, softest paper i could find to play
> with was called "sugar paper."  it's a lot like kids' construction paper,
> but it comes in much more beautiful colors.  considering how cheap it was
> (only 30p for a huge sheet) i doubt it has any acid free qualities at
> all...it probably fades really badly, too, but it's really pleasant to
> use.  i had never heard of sugar paper before i went to england and i
> haven't seen it since.  maybe there's acid free sugar paper too... i'm not
> sure.  hope this helps!

It fades very quickly in any kind of daylight. (I've been tempted to use it
for those 'silhouette' photos of paper clips and combs. In high summer,
they'd probably only take a couple of days to develop.) As for acidity...
I'm sure I remember seeing an advert for 'acid free' sugar paper at some
point, implying the worst. Oh, and the colour runs, if you use the coloured

But it is cheap. Perfect for 'short life' art.


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