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Re: Cat urine

Dear Kitty.,

        Having five cats (not all well behaved) and having practiced veterinary
medicine for 15 years (where this is a common question) I have some well
reasoned advice.

        First of all I would remove the stamps from the wooden mounts. It is
unlikely if the wood has absorbed a lot of urine that you would ever get rid
of all the smell. Next go to a veterinarian or a good pet supply store and
buy one of the products specifically designed to remove cat urine odors.
These things are a bit spendy but have enzymes that break down the amino
acids and other proteins that cause the odors in the first place. This will
remove most but not all of the smell. Others products tends to mask or
attempt to encapsulate smell. I have tries 100's of home remedies and
products over the years and you should have the most success with this

        These enzymatic products should not hurt the rubber of rubber stamps.
However (to keep it on topic of the list) I would never use it on a book.
Experiments with this on my own were disastrous (from the books point of
Good luck

Kurt Klappenbach
Loud Creek Books & Bindery
P.O. Box 8120
Bangor, ME   04402-8120

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