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"The Making of a Renaissance Book" redivivus

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The Book Arts Press (BAP) is pleased to announce that copies of the classic
"The Making of a Renaissance Book," are again available in videotape.
        "The Making of a Renaissance Book" is the best-known and most successful
film ever made on a history-of-books-and-printing subject. Shot on location
in Antwerp in 1969 at the Plantin-Moretus Museum, the 22-minute
black-and-white 16mm film explains hand punch-cutting and copper
matrix-making, type casting and dressing, composition and proof-correction,
imposition, printing on the wooden common press, and much more.
        The original film, produced and distributed by the American Friends of the
Plantin-Moretus Museum, was transferred (we believe in the 1980s) to
videotape, but copies have not been available for a number of years.
Through the kindness of the AFPMM and Roderick Stinehour, all rights to the
work have now been transferred to the BAP.
        We have made a new transfer from a clean copy of the original film; the
resulting videotape has notably better audio than the earlier transfer, and
cleaner and more stable video. (If you already have a copy of the old video
transfer, however, you may not wish to replace it; the new transfer is
better than the old one, but not dramatically so.)
        VHS copies of "The Making of a Renaissance Book" are available from the
Book Arts Press at the address given below for $50 plus postage. Unless
otherwise specified, copies shipped will be NTSC (the North American
standard), but we can provide PAL copies on demand.

Terry Belanger  :  University Professor  :   University of Virginia
Book Arts Press : 114 Alderman Library : Charlottesville, VA  22903
Tel: 804/924-8851   FAX: 804/924-8824  email: belanger@virginia.edu
              URL: http://www.virginia.edu/oldbooks/

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