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Re: licensing update

I'll throw in an experience of my own to this interesting twist on "creative
thievery." While the intention is probably not to take from you, it still
comes down to copyright infringement.

Some years ago, I was commissioned (sans written contract, by a verbal
agreement) to create a large number of marbled papers for a grant project
being conducted in the program where I was working. I produced the papers for
the project, with the understanding that they would be used for the exterior
coverings of the quarter-leather bindings of the limited editions. Not long
afterwards, I was shown copies of the promotional materials for the sale of
the books - the large corporation's creative department had used
reproductions of my marbled papers for the promotional materials (borders on
the inserts and sticky labels on the envelopes). This was done without
consulation or permission from me.

When I complained about the copyright infringment to the project director, I
was told that this large corporation "could do anything they wanted to" and
that I should mind my own business.

I requested copies of the promotional material for my files. These were
provided, grudgingly, but I was not given a copy of the book on which my
original papers were used. Because of other circumstances at the time, my
attorney did not advise me to pursue the matter.

It is glaringly clear that these things happen all the time. Most of us
cannot afford to take on the large entities which practice such illegal and
unconscienable activities. It costs everything - much more than money - but I
feel strongly that each of us must keep speaking out and standing up for our
rights and beliefs.

The Graphic Artist's Guild, by the way, produces an annual handbook of
professional guidelines which includes such things as contracts, fees and
legal information for the graphic arts. It is available in most bookstores or
through that organization.

Paula Marie Gourley

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