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Re: How design works

>Helen writes:
>>I know that this is how design works -- you see something else and alter
>>it slightly to make your own new design

It's probably how all creative thought works, but some part of me thinks
that it is not as conscious as this, which would indeed make it plagiarism.

>Bill Anderson said:
>That's not how design works, thats how plagerism works. You deserve full
>payment for the work involved, and I should be very skeptical of anyone who
>would bend ethics to please a difficult client. Better to lose a client
>than lose good talent.
Couldn't agree more.  Don't think that you lose good talent by doing this,
maybe just the ability to believe in yourself and your own ideas.  But it's
that same conundrum of earning a living or working with integrity that often
gets me.

Robyn Sassen

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