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Re: How design works

>>Bill Anderson said:
>>That's not how design works, thats how plagerism works. You deserve full
>>payment for the work involved, and I should be very skeptical of anyone who
>>would bend ethics to please a difficult client. Better to lose a client
>>than lose good talent.
>Couldn't agree more.  Don't think that you lose good talent by doing this,
>maybe just the ability to believe in yourself and your own ideas.  But it's
>that same conundrum of earning a living or working with integrity that often
>gets me.

Have to agree as well. I was in this position once. As many of you
know, Rag & Bone Bindery creates blank books and Albums for the gift
industry. When I was first starting out, I visited one of my favorite
(unnamed) customers. And there on the shelves of their store where
exact copies of my books. I was furious! Even though the store owner
confessed and apologized for asking a local binder to copy my own
designs, I was hurt and angry. We've since come to terms with the

I learned from the experience that if I come across a design for a
book that I happen to really like, I'll make sure that if I use it as
inspiration, the final product will have a uniqueness based on my own
design esthetics.

I think intuitively, customers and clients will know this. They will
feel it in your work, I hope that doesn't sound flaky... but If you
copy outright, in the long term your personal design sense won't have
firm footing.



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