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Cat Urine

If  products such  as soaps and enzymes don't seem to work or are ruining your
stamps, try some diluted ammonia.  I have had pretty good luck with that.
Ammonia is a stong alkali, but it is easily reversed by washing it.   It may
affect some of the inks- test first!  but then again, so can soaps, which help
water to penetrate into the paper substrate (the long term effect of
surfactants {soaps} on paper has never been tested) , and enzymes that
chemically disintegrate it, and are hard to control.  Ammonia does solubulize
the proteins etc. that cause the smell, and shouldn't leave a residue.

I recently treated some architectural drawings that had been sprayed 15 years
earlier.  The person that found the problem put baking soda on it, allowed it
to dry, then brushed it off.  When I went to treat it, I was lucky to find out
the source of the problem, as it didn't smell at all.  Using a cotton ball
dampened with ammonia 3% , I dampened teh stain, then blotted it out onto
blotting paper. The ammonia was chemically pure, available from a pharmacy,
then diluted with distilled water.

If  anyone is interested in reading more about the project, an article will
appear in the upcoming (imminent) issue of the New Library Binding Scene,
published by the Library Binding Institute.

Jake Benson

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