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Book Structures is intended for graphic designers, painters, printmakers and
photographers­any artist generating forms which can be directed toward the
handmade book.

Book Structures is an ongoing class with most students continuing from term
to term. Because the class revolves around much individual attention and
because each student eventually progresses to self-initiated projects,
newcomers are welcome in any class as space allows. Each group is limited to
six people.

Book Structures runs for 10 sessions in 10 consecutive weeks. Each session is
three hours, and will be held at Planetary Collage.

Section 1:
Tuesday mornings • 7:30­10:30 am
March 28­May 30, 2000

Section 2:
Tuesday evenings • 6­9 pm
March 28­May 30, 2000

Section 3:
Thursday mornings • 7:30­10:30 am
March 30­June 1, 2000

All sections are $300 per student, and include materials and use of studio
tools and equipment. Students are welcome to bring special papers and their
own tools if they like.


Continuing students, please reserve your space by March 15. Unfilled spaces
as of March 16 will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Call Tim
at (503) 243-6812 or email him at axt1221@aol.com to get on the list. Payment
is due at the first session.


THE PAINTED BOOK • July 10-14, 2000

The Painted Book is a metaphoric investigation into structures and
technologies that spin from where fine bookbinding left off in the early part
of the 20th century.

The Painted Book endeavors to move on, utilizing new spaces and images,
refined techniques, and novel materials to add the aesthetic experience of
the visionary painter to that of the poet. In this intensive, we will
construct a basic book structure and envelope it both inside and out with
numerous materials so as to investigate, in some depth, the nature of four
dimensional sculpture. Techniques of collage, assemblage, direct painting and
encrustation will be demonstrated.

THE PAINTED PAGE • July 24-28, 2000

This intensive is directed at the formats and surfaces of the manuscript book
page. We will investigate various materials in depth to determine their
inherent properties and usefulness.

Page geometry will establish our plans and will be followed by experiences
with inks, various paints, sizing mediums, as well as elementary surface
gilding. Students will make some of the materials. Variously, exercises in
drawing and design will be employed in order to best experience the unique
qualities of the test materials.

We will also explore some of the nuances of process, such as why do technical
pens clog up? How can they be cleaned? Why do some inks “bleed” and how can I
keep these pages from sticking together? Be thinking of some of your most
pressing art-process problems, and we’ll brainstorm ideas on how to solve


Each workshop is $350 plus a $25 fee for materials. Register early! Space is
limited to 5 students. Both workshops will be held at Planetary College.

A $100 deposit will hold your space. Questions? Call Tim at (503) 243-6812 or
email him at axt1221@ aol.com. Balance is due the first day of the workshop.


Tim began making books as early as 1957. An interest in art, UFO images,
alchemy, science, comic books and odd religious arcana led him from painting
and design into bookbinding. He holds a BFA in drawing and printmaking from
Western Washington University and an MFA from the University of Washington.

An NEA grant in 1981 took him to Japan and Europe for training in the
traditional methods of book fabrication. He has collaborated with
ethno-botanist Terence McKenna on Synesthesia, a limited edition book
published in 1992 by Granary Books. In 1994, he was awarded an NEA Western
States Arts Federation Grant. His first trade book, The Flight into Egypt,
was published in 1995 by Chronicle Books. His one-of-a-kind books are in
public and private collections worldwide.

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