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Re: Odd experiences in Bookbinding

Okay, everybody, I've just come back from a show and found this delightful
thread on the book list.  Here's my odd experience in bookbinding.

When Jodie Foster and company were filming "Nell" here in far western North
Carolina, I was contacted by the artistic director concerning the Bible that
features prominently in the film: Nell refers to the book as "God's holy
word."  A large old family Bible had been found in a thrift shop, and I was
asked to distress it further so that it would appear to have been  repaired
here and there by someone with no knowledge of good bookbinding procedures.
I made strong sheets of handmade paper, then crumpled and tore them, adding
stains and marks with everything from watercolor to dirt.  Using dyed
butcher's twine, I sewed patches and such to the Bible along the shoulders,
over the foredge corners, places where we all encounter damage on old books.
The result was too "pretty", according to the film person, so I scrubbed
parts of the cover--old, new, whatever looked reasonably in good shape--with
more paint and dirt until the book was visually acceptable.  Seeing my work
on film was a thrill, although my students gave me a hard time about having
"destroyed" a book!

Susan Lightcap

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