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                        BOOK EXPLORATIONS 2000
                     The Story: Telling it My Way

Excellence in Artistic Creativity
First Place:  Maureen Cummings (N.Y.)  " Crazy Quilt"
Judge's Commendations:
Rose Folsom (MO) "Pied Beauty"
Heather Hunter (England) "Patterns From the Forest of My MInd"
Nora Lee McGillivary (MN) "Between Us & Far Away"
Cynthia Moore (IA) " Body Book/Ode by Horace"
Honorable Mention:
Michael Jacobs (WA) "Afterlife"
Susan Hensel (MI)  "Bloodlines"

Excellence in Structure, Imagery and Content
First Place: Martha Carothers (DE)  "Voice in Your Head"
Judge's Commendations:
Katherine McCanless (MA) " I Dwell in Possibility"
Louise Neaderland  (N.Y.)  "Other Dimensions"
Ruthie Petty (OR) "Mother, Daughter,Sister"
Honorable Mention:
Samantha Couture (N.Y.) "Tango"
Mary Leto (N.Y.) "A Book Of O'Clocks for Alice"

Excellence in the Printed Book
First Place:  Elsi M. Vassdal Ellis (WA)  "Fragments"
Linda K. Johnson (FL) "The Incomplete Guide to Milk & Honey"
Kitty Maryatt and students (CA) "Le Chevallier Rondal"  (collaboration)
Honorable Mention:
Connie E. Forneris (FL)  "Wool Gathering"
Rebecca Goodale (ME) "Saving Georgia From the Fire"

Special Commendations:
Humor: Sara L. Rosenbluth (CA)  " She Put Her Nose in a Book"
Concept:  Mark E. Ritchie (WY)  "Flight"

Please note:  Viewers Choices will be announced after the exhibit closes on
March 19, 2000.

Thankyou to all participants for so generously sharing their ideas and
skill and creativity with the viewing audience. Each and every  artist's
book received was truly delightful and a unique and exquisite entity. And many
thanks too, to Pam Spitzmueller of Harvard University, Cambridge, MA for her
insight, interest, time and talent.

All book will be returned to the participants the week after March 19.

Best wishes to all who read this....keep on bookin'!

Lilla Ford
The New Art Forum
Kingston,Massachusetts, USA

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