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Corporate Book Opporunities

What opportunities exist for selling custom-made,
special-order books, boxes or portfolios to the
corporate world?

For economic reasons, I need to make more money than I
am currently making selling my artists books. Years
ago I started my career as an art director, but gave
that up to be a stay-at-home Dad and make books. Now
I'm wondering if there is a way to combine my
book-making skills with my graphics skills. Does
anybody out there do this? I have seen one or two
examples, but need more info.

What are some of the structures that corporations are
interested in? Are there any books on the market that
talk about this end of the business?

Does anyone have a website to promote this type of
business? Any photos or examples of corporate bindings
would be appreciated. What kind of hourly labor rate
are corporations willing to pay (as a rough ballpark)?

Any input or ideas would be very helpful.


Kevin Thomas
Wild Man Books
Chicago, Illinois
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