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This is being cross-posted from the ConsDist list.

>Date: 6 Mar 2000
>From: Helena Jaeschke <mrshjaeschke@email.msn.com>
>Subject: Paste cooker
>List members based in the UK may be interested to know that the Le
>Saucier electric saucemaker favoured for making archival paste
>recipes, is available from <URL:http://www.lakelandlimited.com/> for
>UKP 64.00 (post free in the UK).
>Helena Jaeschke
>Archaeolgical Conservator
Description from Website
Tefal Le Saucier Is it any wonder that sauces split, curdle or end up
lumpy? Donít we usually leave them to the last minute when everything else
is clamouring for our attention? The good news is that Tefal have listened
to their customersí pleas and brought back Le Saucier. All you need do is
add the ingredients. Timing, heating and stirring are electronically
controlled, it even gives you a bleep when the sauce is ready and continues
to stir to prevent a skin forming. Youíll never be at a loss for a recipe
because thereís a book full of delicious savoury and dessert sauces
included. If you enjoy entertaining,then youíll enjoy Le Saucier. The 1
litre bowl is Dishwasher Safe. 1 litre.

Ref: 7503 Price: £64.00

Note: That works out to about $128 US. Now to see if it's going to be
available in the US.


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