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Paste papers

It is true that the paste papers have a tendency to curl when dry. To
help avoid this from happening I resort to add just a couple of drops of
glycerin into my colours; this also extends working time on paper
itself. I find that the paste papers can act in funny ways when applying
to the boards; they may stretch or shrink, adhere better in certain
points, pull the board to a curve, etc. But the process of decorating
directly with paste remains a sheer pleasure and is sometimes hard to
remember when to stop loading the paper with layers of it (which to my
chagrin may turn into a dirty mush anyway). It seems important to know
when to stop. In the past, I used to be able to find pure rice starch
which gives a more fine texture to the paste and, therefore, a smoother
finish to the paper decorated with it. Today, I use any suitable
Rezan Peya Gökçen,

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